Do Not Open: Entry 1

Title: Do Not Open: An Encyclopedia of the World’s Best Kept Secrets

Author: John Farndon

Pages: 1-80/260

Date: 1/22

Summary: The book do not open is full of oodles of tid bits of information on most things you never would have known! It was a fascinating book and I read it cover to cover. In the following entries I’m going to share with you some of my new found information that I found most interesting!

Just a Fact: There really is such a thing as secret service. Although a lot of people think there’s no such thing as spies, there are 7 different agencies listed. Did you know Russia has its own agency? Personally, I’d love to be part of the SIS- the Secret Intelligence Service from the UK.

Did You Know?: In Peru’s Nazca desert are gigantic geoglyphs that can only be seen from the sky. These beautiful drawings were done by taking away strips of dark oxide-coated pebbles that littered the desert. It still remains unknown why they did it. Although some people believe it had to do with aliens.

WOW: Ever wonder what it would be like to travel to the tropical rain forests of the world. Although it would be a great adventure, I’d be careful not to wonder too far in. Hidden in these forests are all sorts of tribes- and you never know which ones will eat you or help you. The Yanomami might be a fun tribe to hang around with. They grow their own food and have huge tug of war games! How fun would that be? On the other hand, the Korowai of New Guinea live in tree tops and are thought to be cannibals. I wouldn’t want to run into them if I was lost!

                                                                                             Hope you learned something new,


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