Eclipse Entry 1

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 1-91/ 629

Date: 11/25

Summary: The book starts out with a letter from Jacob, with crossed out lines, like it took forever for him to decide what to write. Turns out him and Bella still aren’t talking. Not to mention the fact he told Charlie about the motorcycles and now Jake got her grounded even more. But Charlie let her off finally, what a good Dad! As long as she spends time with other people besides Edward. Lalalaaa nonsense and fast forward to Edward telling Charlie about Bella’s plane tickets she got for her birthday to see Renee and recommending they use them soon (them being Bella and Edward). Bella goes to see Jacob but is promptly stopped by Edward. Since Alice said Bellas future disappeared (as it does when she’s with the wolves) Edward messed up her engine so she couldn’t go. Talk about control issues!(; Bella and Edward go to see her mom which is good for Bella, something she needed to do. JACOB CALLS BELLA WHEN SHE GETS HOMEE!!!! Yayyy, so the next day he showed up Bellas school!! Awe!!!((: Turns out Victoria is back and that was Edwards reason of getting Bella to leave for the weekend. Oh dear! Jake gets told to leave by  a teacher for “trespassing”. Bella demands to know everything in class from Edward.  

Movie Comparison: Jake didn’t call Bella after she got home in the movie. Mehh, I wish he haddd!!:( And the next day, Bella doesn’t leave with him on his motorcycle like in the movie! :(

Favorite Line: “He’s very intense about you…and very careful.” Renee talking to Bella about Edward. I think this line is so cute because even when Bellas mom isn’t around the two that long, she can sense how real their relationship is!(:

Random Thought: I love how Edward is so, like…Proper I guess? I suppose it’s because he’s so old and he grew up in the centuries where they talked all fancy. I think it’d be awesome if we all still talked like we were in the old days. Or with an accent, that would be really awesome as well! 

                                                                                                        Okayy...buh-bye till later


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