Eclipse Entry 2

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 92-171 /629

Date: 11/27

Summary: Edward and his family left to hunt. Since Bella got told she didn’t have to work after she got there, she made a haste decision to go and see Jacob! They spend some well needed time together. Bella tells him about going to get Edward and Jacob tells her about what happened while she was gone and hunting Victoria. Fast-forward past the ‘what if’ convos and then Jacob tells Bella the he isn’t aging, and won’t until he stops phasing for a long time. Jake then tells her about imprinting and how the person they imprint on is like their soul mate. After Jakes, Bella goes to Angelas to help her with graduation invitations like she promised. When she gets home and goes to her room, Edward is waiting for her and rather unhappy. Edward had to leave to hunt for the time he missed and paid Alice with a lovely little Italian Porsche to watch over Bella. So she’s kidnapping her for a two day sleepover. Rosalie tells Bella her story about how she became a vampire and why she should really consider if she wants to be one or not. The next day at school, Jacob steals Bella from school!!

Movie Comparison: The movie doesn’t show as much of the Jake and Bella scene when she first reunites with him alone at his house. I think in the book, they’re a lot better of friends and more close than they seem in the movie.

Favorite Line: “I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everythings so much more fun with you around.” Uh, not sure why I like this line but it’s from Emmett and I just love him and his character. He seems like a big teddy bear or like that rather sweet older brother. Bella’s lucky to have him on her side.

Favorite Note: “Look after my heart-I’ve left it with you.” A note from Edward when he leaves to go hunting. I mean, can he be any more romantic?(:

Random Thought: If I had to choose between being a vampire or dying, I’d obviously choose being a vampire. I think if I ever met a vampire, dying or not, I’d still want to be one. Even though you have to drink blood, there are so many positive things about it! 

                                                                                                   Bye for now


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