Eclipse Entry 4

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 239-328 /629

Date: 11/28

Summary: While hanging out with Jake, they go to see the rest of the pact and Bella gets to attend a council meeting. While there she heard the stories of how the werewolves came to be, which are very interesting! Later that night Edward gets her later that night. The next day after school Alice announces that she is throwing a graduation party. The killings in Seattle are getting worse and it’s obvious vampires are behind it. Jasper tells Bella his story how he became a vampire. Turns out there’s a vampire army in Seattle of new borns. Bella hangs out with Jake and then…he tells her he’s in love with her and he wants Bella to choose. Him or Edward….   

Movie Comparison: In the movie, Alice announces the graduation party at lunch with everyone around and Bella and Edward telling her it wasn’t a good idea in subtle ways. During the book she tells Bella after school because she had a vision surprising her wouldn’t turn out good.

Favorite Line: “For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope.” A rare Jasper moment. He’s always so thoughtful in what he says. And since he’s so rare to talk, it makes you really want to pay attention when he does.  

Random Thought: The legends of the Quillete are so awesome! I wish I had cool legends in my past with my ancestors! Perhaps I have witches and wizards in my past!

Just a Thought: If someone was forcing me to choose between Jake and Edward, I think I’d choose Edward. But then again, Jacob is sooo sweet! Ugh, that would be such a hard decision! Unless you’re Bella and completely and irrevocable in love with Edward. Then it’s pretty obvious who she’d choose. 

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