Eclipse Entry 5

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 328-410 /629

Date: 12/4

Summary: Wellll…Jacob kissed Bella! She acted like a statue pretty much and after he was done…punched him! After he took her home she called Edward and told him what happened. Edward comes to get Bella, has a few choice words with Jake, and when they get to his house Carlisle looks at her hand. While Bella is getting ready for graduation and Alice brings her something to wear, Bella finally realizes the connection-the vampires who stole her clothes for a scent and the ones in Seattle are the same! Bella graduated and after a dinner with Charlie, went to the Cullens for hers, Edwards, and Alice’s party. Jacob showed up at the party and gave Bella her present, a bracelet with a wolf charm he carved. While at the party, Alice has a vision that the vampires interested in Bella are coming…a lot of them. Since they have this conversation in front of Jake and his two friends, they agree to coordinate-so when the vampires come they’ll definitely be surprised. The Cullens and the pack get together to practice their skills. Edward does a test to see if Jake carries Bella-would they be able to smell her? Turns out they only smell Jake, just like they thought! Mission vampires and werewolves work together moving along smoothly!

Movie Comparison: In the movie, they don’t show too much to do with Bellas graduation. They have the speech and that’s it, in the book there is a lot more. Also, they go right to the party at the Cullens after, and skip the whole scene with Charlie. I think it would have been cool if they had included the Bella/ Charlie scene though because you don’t really get to see their relationship too much. Also, even though they have an awkward way of showing it, you can tell they really love each other!

Favorite Line: “Until your heart stops beating…I’ll be here-fighting.” Aweeee!! Jacob is just so sweet! Okay, well not in the part where he pretty much says he’s going to ditch her when she becomes a vampire. But it is very sweet how he says he’s gunna be fighting for her! He’s human and a teenager… (actually he’s a wolf, technicality though), so you can’t really blame him for not being perfect.

Just a Thought: “Was there a human experience that I was not willing to give up?” Bella asks herself this. And I had a thought. I wonder if I had the choice to really become a vampire, what I would miss the most if I changed? It would be really awesome to not have to sleep. Imagine all the things you could get done! I could sit around all night and read. :) But I think the thing I’d miss the most (besides family) would be having pets! It would suck to just want to drink their blood! :/

Random Thought: I wonder how much it would hurt to punch a teen wolf?:o It must hurt like, awful! I also wonder just how strong wolfs and vampires are… Because technically, wolfs are stronger than vampires if you think about it. I mean, how else would they be able to kill them? But then again, if it was a one on one, I think the vampire would unquestionably win! Especially if the wolf was going against a new born, because they are like a vampire on monster! Super duper hyped up, like they have a constant adrenaline rush. 



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  1. callulasage

    Is this your first time to read the Twilight series? Or are you just going over it again? I was reading your profile page and it made me laugh with all the harry potter stuff you said.. Anyway, thanks for letting me join your friend list!

    December 04, 2012
    1. kortneyallen

      hi there! haha im kinda a crazy fan when i get into things i read the twilight series way back when starting in 5th grade, when they were still releasing the books and since all the movies are out now i wanted to read them and do some comparing

      December 04, 2012