Eclipse Entry 6

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 410-486 /629

Date: 12/7

Summary: Edward pretty much told Bella no matter how hard she tries to be at the battle scene, he won’t allow it. Ugh, sweet yet annoyingly protective vampire! Turns out Jacob’s been keeping secrets- like he’s second in command and that Leah made the change to a wolf. The Cullens and Jake, Quil, and Embry have another ‘fight’ practice to prepare themselves. Bella goes for a two day sleepover with Edward and he gives her a heart charm for her bracelet - aweee! And Bella agreed to marry Edward! Yippeeee!!!(: Bella tries seducing Edward with no success because he’s an old fashioned guy and is making them wait, saying he will after they are married. Although, she does put up a good fight. Edward shows Bella the ring he is going to give her and he insists on proposing properly-which is rather adorable. But after wearing it for a bit, she gives it back to him to hold on to. When the Cullens come back, Alice is in a bit of a mood. Having foreseen that Bella and Edward were going to go to Vegas to get married, she somehow convinces Bella to change her mind. After some begging, Alice gets Bella to agree to let her plan the wedding. It’s the day of the battle, so Bella leaves a blood trail from her finger on a bunch of things. She and Edward meet Jake and Bella goes off with Jake while Edward goes a separate way. And they finally make it to the camp sight.

Movie Comparison: In the movie, after Bella agrees to marry Edward and he does it the proper way on one knee, she doesn’t give the ring back. She keeps it on and when she does take it off the first time it was when she was seeing Jake that day since she didn’t exactly want to tell him she was getting married right before he went to fight some new born vamps.

Favorite Line: “You make me feel like a villain in a melodrama- twirling my mustache while I try and steal some poor girl’s virtue.” So, in short Bella wants Edward to make love to her and he won’t because he wants to wait until their married and such. He pretty much wants to protect her virtue. So yada yada she keeps pressing the subject and ends with this sentence. Which I find quite comical because she just seems like such the shy type and for her to press such a matter…well it seemed odd yet rather funny.

Random Thought: Okay, now imagine how awesome it would be to be able to see vampires fight and werewolves? Like, real ones-not the movie kind. I think it would be frightening but amazing at the same time. I mean, obviously no harm would come to you if you were friends with the vampires/ wolfs and they were your friend.

Just a Thought: These chapters were kinda boring...I mean, they could have done with some more action but pretty much the chapters just seemed like a lot of fluff until the end of the last chapter. Like Meyer could have shortened what happened by a bit.

                                                                                                                      Ta-Ta for now


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