Eclipse Entry 7

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 487-540/ 629

Date: 12/7

Summary: It is freezing in the middle of the night SO as Bella freezes, much to Edwards distaste, Jake becomes her ‘space heater’. And when Bella falls asleep, Jake and Edward have a lovely chat about Bella. While Bella and Edward are talking, he mentions the night she agreed to marry him was one of his favorite nights. After they hear a howl and turns out Jacob heard and now knows about them. Also turns out Edward knew Jacob was listening. Bella makes Edward go and get Jake so they can talk. Lalala she asks him to kiss her and he does!!! At first she’s all unresponsive and then all of a sudden, for some crazy reason, she kisses him back. Alright Bella…did you forget you just got engaged the night before last!? And while she’s kissing him, she realizes Jacob was right. She does love him more than a friend…because Bella is in love with him. But not enough to change things between her and Edward. Who isn’t even made at her, by the way-about her kissing Jacob. And the battle begins! With Edward giving a play by play like a sports spectator, all seems to be going well-with the pack and Cullens working to kill the new borns. But all of a sudden, something goes wrong…Victoria is there, it’s been her the entire time-orchestrating the whole thing. But she’s not in the clearing, she is up in the woods-by Edward and Bella…

Movie Comparison: While Bella is asleep, Edward asks Jacob about the third wife. The third wife was part of the Quileute legends and she sacrificed herself to distract the vampires and save her tribe. Bella had mentioned the third wife in passing to Edward, but never explained much about it. She wanted to be in the clearing so she could create somewhat of a distraction like the 3rd wife did. But in the movie, Jake and Edward don’t discuss the third wife at all. As a matter of fact, Bella forgets about her until later on…when it comes in handy to save her and Edwards lives.

Favorite Line: “Kiss me, Jacob. Kiss me, and then come back.” Sldjfakdfj;lazjdfa!!! Alright Bella, sure just be selfish and ask Jacob to kiss you. I mean, you know you’re going to marry Edward so why do you feel the need to keep putting Jake through this horrible pain he must suffer!? Okay, so this part really bugs me yet at the same time it’s one of my favorites. Why would it be my favorite? Because if Edward had stayed gone after he left Bella in New Moon, then she would have been with Jacob…and oh the possibilities!

Random Thought: What if Edward didn’t come back in New Moon because Bella didn’t save him in time and he died? Like, how would they be fighting this battle right now? I wonder if Bella and Jacob would have been together? Perhaps… but then again, Edwards a main character so of course the author wouldn’t kill him. I wonder what an alternate ending would have been like though? That kiss scene between Jake and Bella just brings up these thoughts!



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