Eclipse Entry 8

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 540-629/ 629-whatt!? I'm finally done with this book?:O

Date: 12/9

So I'm finished with Eclipse, but I just need a human moment I suppose you could say and am going to read...well I'm not sure. But I'm going to take a break from the Twilight Saga before I start Breaking Dawn! I was thinking about re-reading The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith or The Clique series because there's a new one out(:

Summary: When Victoria comes into view, it turns out she’s not alone. Riley, a local from Seattle who went missing, is with her-the cover of the whole masterminded plan. With Seth there to help, things are going okay…until Riley gets a good hold on Seth. And Bella thinks back to the third wife, and cuts her arm to make a distraction. Seth ends up ripping off Rileys’ arms and then dragging him off. Edward finally ends the fight between him and Victoria by biting her neck and ripping her head off. Victoria is finally dead! After she was dead, Edward and Seth were all of a sudden in pain. Down at the clearing, everything was over. Edward told Seth to go home, the Volturi were coming. And on the way to the clearing, Edward told Bella, Jacob got hurt and she blacked out-waking back up after a few minutes. The Volturi come, kill Bree-a newborn who the Cullens were going to keep, and are on their marry way. Bella goes to visit Jake after things have settled down and he’s finally awake after his injury. They discuss the kiss and other things and she finally leaves him to rest. On the way back, she breaks down crying-her and Jake are done playing these games and he’s giving her up to Edward. The next day Alice thanks her, she’d had a vision about the wedding, and Bella agreed with only a few conditions. And later that day, Bella and Edward are off to tell Charlie! The ending? We get a rare look into Jacobs mind…he got the wedding invitation and morphed into his wolf form-the first time since he’d been hurt. And he was off, ignoring the packs voices in his head. He left, letting Jacob Black disappear behind him.

Movie Comparison: During the movie, Edward and Bella had seen Jacob get hurt. During the book, Edward is like tapping into the wolves mind connection and feels it. Although it’s rather interesting, I like how in the movie Bella sees it happen. I also like to see her reaction, because you can tell she cares about him so much and so does his pack.

Favorite Line: “Just you wait till I’m a vampire! I’m not going to be sitting on the sidelines next time.” Hmm..Bella seems so, like, sure of herself. It’s like, she knows she’s going to be a really strong vampire. It’s rather funny though because she’s assuming there is going to be another fight. Also, she just casually throws in her becoming a vampire even though it still bugs Edward.

Random Thought: I wonder what it would be like to sacrifice yourself to save someone else. Like, you’d have to be really brave! It would take a lot of guts and strength to do such a thing. I mean, it’s not like you’re signing a death wish, but there is always the possibility you could die. And to be that brave and selfless, it’s just amazing! I wonder if it ever came to a situation where I had to sacrifice myself in a way, if I’d be able to. I’d like to think I could.

                                                                                                                   Until Next Time


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