I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You Entry 2

Title: I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You

Author: Ally Carter

Pages: 68-139/ 284

Date: 12/10

Summary: Mission TIME! Do do do do! Cammie is like a chameleon, which is why that is her nick name. Their mission (should they choose to except...) was to trail their crazy paranoid teacher and find out what he drinks. Bex and Liz get caught but Cammie still managed to complete her mission.  As she gets the bottle, she meets Josh. Who she tells a fake story about her cat and being homeschooled…LIES! After her very brief talk with Josh, she heads to the vehicle the school had taken to find no one there and a long walk ahead of her. When she gets back and goes for a debriefing, the last pictures she sees are gruesome-of Bex and Liz being tortured. Mr. Solomon shows them what it’s really like to be a spy. The girls start drivers ed and while driving see Josh, later that day she tells Bex and Liz about him and they start making a plan to check him out to see if he’s someone trying to infiltrate the school…or he could just be her soul mate. On their first mission to check out his house, there is a party a few houses down and things don’t go according to plan. On the next driving lesson, they steal the trash at Joshs, after all the best way to find out about someone is to see what’s in their garbage! And then Macey finds out about it and somehow ends up helping Cammie out. All she wants in return? Is for Cammie to help her get out of the lower classes and help her study.  

Favorite Line: “You can analyze or theorize-or whatever- but seriously, what good do you think it will do? You’re in here. He’s out there. And there’s nothing I can do about that.” “Oh. That’s not your area of expertise anyway. It’s ours.” Hmm…Macey is helping but doesn’t really see the point of all this. Bex on the other hand…is so sure of things. Like, she knows Liz, Cammie, and her are great at what they do. She’s not worried about things when it comes time to act.

Random Thought: What kind of spy in training can’t make up a super awesome story on the spot? I mean, I get that Josh sounds cute and all but… let’s be honest here! I’m sure if she tried Cammie could have made up a much better story than a cat wanting a bottle…but it was kinda funny I suppose.

Life Lesson: Never leave your…co-spy? Well, never leave the spy/spies your working with behind on a mission! Even if it is just a practice mission for class, this is real life training. If you were to leave your partner behind to be caught in a real mission, you never know what could happen to them. 

                                                                                                              Spy Kortney Out


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