New Moon Entry 1

Title: New Moon

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 1- 84

Date: 11/24

Hi all!(: Hope everyones holiday was lovely! Well enjoy the review

Summary: Bella turned 18, but she isn’t very happy about this. Because Edward will never get older. Charlie and her mom get her a camera and scrapbook. Alice tells Bella that she is throwing her a party and she has to come over. Although she still isn’t happy about it being her birthday and getting older, Bella finally agrees to go. While watching Rom & Jul that night, Edward tells Bella about the vulture, a powerful vampire family. And that if you want to die, that is who you go to. After dinner with Charlie it was off to the Cullens’ where things would end up going terrible wrong. While opening her present from Alice and Edward, Bella manages to cut herself on the wrapping and bleed. And all of a sudden, Edward throws Bella back to protect her(in the process she manages to cut her arm when falling) and Bella found herself looking into the ravenous eyes of vampires. Rosalie and Emmett took Jasper outside (he had the least experience controlling his thirst) and Carlisle had to pluck the glass out of her arm and stitched her up. After the ‘incident’ Edward becomes more distant. Edwards and Bella go for a walk and he tells her that he and his family are leaving. And then Edward was gone. On the way out of the woods, deliriously depressed, Bella tripped and blacked out. After a search, Sam Uley found her and a doctor said she was alright, she was just exhausted from being out there. When Bella goes in her room, she finds that Edward was thorough, he even took the pictures she took of him. And then she slipped into a depression.

Movie comparison: Bella and Edward watch Romeo and Juliet after school at her house, not during class. Where Edward feels the need to state that humans have it easy to kill themselves where as vampires have it a lot harder, almost impossible.

Favorite Line: “It will be as if I never existed.”

Random thought: Who doesn’t want presents for their birthday or want to celebrate it at all?! That is just crazy! Now, maybe I could see being afraid to open paper again by the a vampire if I was Bella, but no presents? Hello! Your celebrating your birth you crazy woman!

Just a precautionary: Now if I was Bella, I would try and be a little bit more careful while opening something so that I don’t get a paper cut… Although I have never bled from one before. So she must have been really excited on the inside to open this present up if she managed to cut herself so deep she bled!



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