New Moon Entry 2

Title: New Moon

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 85-159/563

Date: 11/24

Summary: The months go by like pages in a book until four months pass, leading to January. When she finally ‘wakes up’ from her depressed state, by her dad telling her he is going to send her to Florida to live with Renee (her mom). Bella makes plans to go to the movies with Jessica, one of the first people she met in Forks. They go to see a zombie movie and on the way to dinner after, Bella decides to do something stupid and put herself in danger. But as she walks towards it, she realizes that she hears him, his voice. Bella had been having nightmares, every night…waking up screaming. While driving one day, avoiding going home and being alone, she sees some bikes on the road. The guy who owned them was going to throw them away so they just gave them to her. Bella calls her dad for directions to Jacobs house to visit and heads over there with the bikes. Jacob agrees to try and fix the motorcycles and Bella says he can have the other one for helping. That same day she also meets Quil and Embry. The next day Bella and Jacob hung out again, going to the store to get parts for the motorcycles and then working on them all day. Billie, Charlie and the kids have dinner that night together. When Bella went back to school, she sat with her old friends, trying her hardest to come out of her shell. It was then she realized the date, she had been in Forks for one whole year.

Favorite Line: “What are you forty?” Not sure why I like this line, just found it funny I suppose.  

Just a Thought: I always wished I had a cool name, like Quil and Embry sound so awesome! Like talk about fantastic names. I’d much rather have a different name that sounded cool than a common name that over 1000 people have.

Random Thought: I like Jacob, he’s helping Bella come out of her depression. He’s good for her and just the kind of human contact that she needs. 

                                                                                                                Bye for now


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