New Moon Entry 3

Title: New Moon

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 159-252/563

Date: 11/24

Summary: Bella went to the Cullens’ house. It was so empty and not a single presence lingered, talk about depressing. Bella and Jake hung out, the bikes are almost done! Bella decided that they need to add homework into their hangout time at least twice a week. After a few days Bella gets a phone call from Jacob that the motorcycles are finished! On the way to try them, Bella witnesses’ cliff diving, after she freaks out thinking the guy was trying to kill himself, she wants to try it! After Jacob tells Bella no way is she cliff diving he explains they call themselves the ‘proctors’. Well although that means nothing to Bella at this point, it will eventually! After Jake tells Bella about Sam and his little gang they go to ride the motorcycles. While Bella is riding, she sees Edward again….and ends up crashing! Jake takes her to the hospital with the story of her hitting her head on a hammer at the garage. She ended up getting seven stitches and Charlie bought her story about falling. Bella and Jacob decide to take a break from the bikes for at least a week to throw Charlie off their trial. They start going for hikes, personally I’m so not a fan of hiking! Bella, Jake, and Mike go to the movies where Mike ends up sick and Jacob confesses he’s got feelings for Bella. Jacob says he’s sick. Bella keeps calling but Billie said the lines where down and that’s why she couldn’t get through. But he also said that Jacob has mono and can’t have any visitors. Bella decided to wait a week before hounding Billie again to talk to Jacob. Finally when Bella calls, Billie says it wasn’t mono after all. When Charlie leaves for the day fishing, Bella goes into the woods and sees Laurent! He said Victoria sent him to kill her because Edward killed James. But then the wolves came and ran him off, thank God! Or he would have murdered her. And then she went back home.    

Movie Comparison: “Did you know, you’re sort of beautiful?” Bella had told Jake as he took her to the hospital but in the movie she told him that after he took his shirt off. Well fine movie, just make it all about the looks! In the book, it’s cute how it’s just kinda thrown in.

Favorite Line: “Why are you apologizing for bleeding?” Because Bella is used to being around vampires, she for obvious reason finds bleeding a bad thing. I also thought it was kinda funny that she said sorry for bleeding when normal people would be freaking out because they were breathing, not worrying about it.

Random Thought: If I ever get the change to go cliff diving, I would definitely try it! It sounds like so much fun and such a rush! Although it would be scary, it would seriously be worth it…just like sky diving and bungee jumping. I hope one day I can try it!

                                                                                                      Till Next Time


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