New Moon Entry 6

Title: New Moon

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 404-485/ 563

Date: 11/25

Summary: Jacob comes back to the door and Alice leaves to give them a moment and avoid conflict. After some discussion of important things, Jake essentially says he can’t ‘be friends’ with her with Alice still around. And then somehow they almost kiss but it’s interrupted by the phone…it was Carlisle!! And Jacob said that Charlie was at a funeral, followed by Alice running in the house saying Edward thinks Bella is dead because it was really him on the phone. She says he is going to Italy, where the Volturi are and asked them to kill him. Bella and Alice head off to Italy, the flight being unbearabley long. Alice passes the time by telling Bella about the Volturi and how they are like the rulers of the vampires. Alice says she sees the Volturi ruling not to kill Edward. After multiple options, Edward decides he’s going to reveal himself in the sunlight. Lalala they get there, Alice steals a car, Bella rushes to save Edward (who she gets to and he thinks he’s dead already), and finally Edward realizes he’s alive along with Bella. Then the Volturi show up and insist that Bella, Edward, and Alice accompany them to their ‘chambers’. Aro seems like a rather comical character…although he is obviously still a vampire, he seems like the one to keep a hold on the Volturi, like the king. Turns out Bella’s immune to Aro’s talent. Just before Jane can try her talent on Bella, Edward jumps in front of her and ends up writhering in pain on the ground. After the three of them decline joining the Volturi, the Volturi say they have to kill Bella because she knows so many secrets. Unless, the Cullens plan to make her immortal. After Alice shows Aro a vision of Bella joining them, they let them leave.

Movie Comparison: Bella doesn’t learn about the Volturi from Alice like in the book. In the movie she learns about them from Edward.

Favorite Line: “Bite Me!” Alice told Bella she was sick of waiting for Edward to change Bella and was debating doing it herself. To which Bella replied that she wanted her to and trusted her to do it. I love this line and conversation because it’s a really cute Bella and Alice moment that they don’t show in the movie.

Just a Thought: I wonder, if you knew a vampire, how hard it would be to get them to change you? Like in the series, Bella is always trying to get Edward to change her. Yet he doesn’t want to, thinking he would ‘ruin’ her. I guess it would depend on who you were trying to get do the biting.



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