Twilight Entry 5

Title: Twilight

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 323-405/498

Date: 11/21

Summary: Edward can play the piano, which is so amazing! I always wished I had learned how to do that. While they’re at his house, Carlisle and him give him some insight on their history. When Bella returns home, Billie and Jacob are there and Billie gives Bella a warning to stay away from Edward. Later that night she tells her dad that she has a date with Edward, they’re going to play baseball. Oh, dear! When they go to play and Bella watches, she learns the Cullens play a very intensive game of baseball. All of a sudden, three other vampires arrive and notice that Bella is human. The vampire that takes a liking to her just so happens to be a tracker. Edward realizes they need to run, Bella needs to be hidden because James- the tracker- won’t stop tracking until Bella is dead. Bella goes home and makes a scene to make it seem like she hates Forks so she can leave without Charlie questioning it. They went to the Cullens where they began concocting a plan to try and confuse the tracker.

Favorite Line: “You said you weren’t interested in any of the boys in town.” “But Edward doesn’t live in town, Dad.” Pretty simple conversation, but it shows how Bellas dad cares for her. Plus, it just seems like a pretty funny line. Another favorite line… “You brought a snack?” because to other vampires Bella is food so it just seems funny to me.

Movie vs book: In the book, Esme trades clothes with Bella to confuse the tracker and through him off the track of her smell. During the movie, Rosalie unhappily agrees to wear Bellas clothes after some convincing while during the book she refused.

Just a thought: I really don’t know what I would do if I had a vampire that chased after me! I think it would be rather scary. 

                                                                                                                 Bye for now


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