Twilight Entry 6

Title: Twilight

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 405-498/498

Date: 11/21

Summary: Bella leaves with Jasper and Alice, it would be too obvious they decided if she left with Edward. Alice has a vision about the tracker changing courses and heading to a room with mirrors. She also sees something about a video tape. After a little while, Alice sketches her vision out and Bella recognizes it as a ballet studio she went to when she was little. Bella received a phone call from James, telling her he had her mom and to follow further instructions. She ended up going to the dance studio, to only see that her moms’ voice was a tape and it had been a trick to get her there. And cue the vampire attacking the human. And right as she was letting go of the world, Bella heard his voice, EDWARD! While Carlisle and Edward were examining her, they realized she was bite. Dun, dun, dun! Of course, they could have made everyone’s life very simple and let her turn then, but of course not! So, Edward saved her by sucking the venom out of the bite. She woke up in the hospital with the fake story of falling down the stairs and out the window. And then at the end, Alice played Barbie with her and Edward took her to prom. Where she feels the need to state she wants to be a vampire.

Movie Comparison: In the book, when Alice has a vision she just describes it and she also describes something about a tape. In the movie, while describing her vision, she also draws a picture of what she sees.  During the book, Alice doesn’t sketch the ballet studio until a little while after the vision.

Favorite Line: “I thought this room would be visually dramatic for my little film.” When James says this, I think it’s really funny that a vampire would want to tape his kill. Even though he’s now dead, he was pretty funny!

Penny for your thought: In the book, Bella and Edward have a more normal relationship and their not so crazy in a love bubble where ever single word they say is sugary coated. In the movie however, everything is very sweetly said like ‘yes dear’, ‘why of course love’, ‘no problem sweetheart’. I think, if anything, their relationship seems a lot more real in the book than the movie.

Ahhh Twilights over! On to read New Moon now! Happy early thanksgiving(: and happy early birthday to meee, I'm 18 tomorrow, yahooooo:D 

                                                                                                  Until the next time


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